The results of our competition have been summed up!

Dear participants of the II International Online Olympiad in Russian as a Foreign Language!

Currently, the results of our competition have already been summed up! The fight was fair, intense and uncompromising. In total, more than 9500 participants from 147 countries took part in our competition: 4826 participants competed in the first age category (SCHOOLCHILDREN) and 4723 people competed in the second category (STUDENTS). But the winners and prize-winners were only 945 of the strongest participants from 80 countries around the world! Of these, 527 people are in the category of "schoolchildren" and 418-in the category of "students".


I place — 161 people from 33 countries;

II place — 197 people from 36 countries;

III place — 169 people from 35 countries.

A total of 527 people and 4826 participants.


I place-83 people from 39 countries;

II place — 159 people from 52 countries;

The third place of 176 people from 58 countries.

Total 418 people out of 4723

We are proud of our winners and prize-winners! We are also sure that those who did not have quite a few points to take the prize place, everything will definitely work out next year, you just need to prepare a little better.